The Podcrastinators brings you a mixiure of comedy, social and political commentary from NZ and around the globe. The podcast is hosted by Auckland based stand up comedians and comedy writing duo, Darran Lees and Mathew Danaher.


In this episode (it’s actually episode 5 of season 2, not 4 Darran!) our two intrepid hosts spent an enjoyable an informative hour with Sydney based musical comedian Richard Lyndesay.

You can find out more about Richard and the Metaphors of Comedy at these links.

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Darran Lees

Mat Danaher

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Well a bumper episode of infectious enthusiasm and fun with Auckland comedy mainstay and Chicago improv veteran Steven Lyons.

If you want more of him (and who wouldn’t?) make sure you check out The Dice Show season 2 at Cassette 9 here in Auckland starting up on Friday 23 April.

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The Dice Show is presented by this awesome comedy social enterprise - Paper Goat find out more here.

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Mat Danaher

Darran Lees

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March 26, 2021

Amy Bird: Back in Rehab

Tonight (and I do mean tonight, this is very fresh) we talked with brilliant improv veteran and slightly newish stand up Amy Bird about the differences between the two disciplines, her interest in fraud, our ADHD, all of the shows she’s got coming up and some really serious issues around the safety of the NZ Comedy scene for women, and why men should just shut up sometimes… It may seem hypocritical for two blokes with a podcast, but Mat and Darran agree. Shut up fellas.

Stuff article on sexual harassment in the comedy scene.

NZ Comedy Guild Sexual Harassment and Prevention Working Group Report

What Amy’s up to:

Love Lamp March 30th

Love Lamp at the Comedy Festival

Auckland Improv Festival

Social Improve Night - audience as performer!

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To Aotearoa New Zealand, Mexico, and the racist pubs in Nevada; Auckland comedy legend Ed Rivera needs no introduction. In this bumper second episode of season two, Auckland’s third most popular Mexican comic tells Mat and Darran about his journey to New Zealand, and his growth as an international comic in both English and Spanish.

If you speak English, this episode is almost entirely in English. For Spanish speakers, it’s also almost entirely in English.

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Listen to it! Listen to it and understand it Jackie Weaver!

Hosted by:

Darran Lees

Mathew Danaher

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In this episode we got to welcome back Shai Navot, who was last with us on episode 15 talking about the electoral prospects for The Opportunities Party.

Now she’s back to help analyze the party’s performance and to talk about the future for her and the party.

We talked about democracy, housing, and Geoff Hurst legendary English striker.

We also looked at the election stats which fellow geeks can find here.

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Darran Lees

Mat Danaher.

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What a journey!

In this messy and poorly hosted episode (thanks Mat D!) Darran and Mat talk about Coombe and friends with the Christchurch / Auckland Power-house duo and Only Fans money makers Craig Westenberg and Matt Coombe.

If you want to learn more about how to support patients suffering with snake aids, and you can get to Christchurch on Friday 27 November at 8:30pm, you should consider buying tickets (and maybe even turning up) to Coombe and Friends. Check out the tickets here:

If you want to find out more about Craig and Coombe’s most embarrassing moments or why Coombe is big in Hawaii then listen on.

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Mat Danaher

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In this episode (recording in the lovely little theatre behind Garnet Station in Auckland), Darran and Mat were fortunate enough to be joined by Auckland comedy producer (and New Zealand First voter) Ian C Ireland, ACT candidate Michael McCook, and Musician, stand-up, improviser, and Green voter Joel Vinsen; for an indepth and entirely serious review of New Zealand’s preliminary election results.

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October 17, 2020

Predictions on the Hoof

In this rapidly dated episode (it’s like a ripe avo - listen now!) Mat and Darran talk about what the next parliament might look like, winners and losers, what next for the parties represented on recent episodes, the results of the referenda, and Mat’s gay porn double.

It was recorded in the backyard of a pub, so there is a bit of background noise that we just couldn’t filter out. Sound engineers will be annoyed.

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In this episode Mat and Darran talk about taxation, free speech, and how Michael McCook ACT Party candidate for East Coast Bays became a candidate for the party at extremely short notice.

You can find Michael on Facebook here

Trigger warning: euthanasia and suicide are talked about in this episode.

Don’t forget if you’re in New Zealand and need to talk to someone text 1737 for support.

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Darran Lees

Mat Danaher

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Kid Hideous

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